See What Happens to Your Body When You Walk Barefoot According to Science

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Are you one of the kids that can’t do without running around with barefoot or probably you usually enjoy the moment you twist and turn your toes in the mud while playing? Perhaps it is a sweet memory for you to reminiscence on how you usually walk around with barefoot and how freeing it feels back then.

Till this moment, some people still finds it easy to walk with barefoot at home or most times when doing exercise. For a long time, people often regard the benefits of walking to “Earthing”. The logic is that when you engage in walking with barefoot, you could be closer to the earth more and through this process; you will be able to have more of earth’s energy that would be picked through the feet. It is often strange to learn about that most especially when there are some warnings attached to running around with barefoot. It is on record that feet should be dry off anytime we went to bath because it can cause foot fungus. In addition, reports have it that people that walk barefoot in the dirt are on the risk of walking on parasites and bacteria or even skin-penetrating bugs. Lastly, it is also advisable not to walk around with barefoot in order not to come in contact with sharp objects such as broken glass, nails, pins or any other sharp things we could step on.

Meanwhile, even after knowing that there are dangers associated to walking with barefoot, we often think about the benefits of walking barefoot or Earthing for the human health. In this article, we will be discussing what scientists discovered about people that walked around with barefoot.

The Earth’s Energy Discovery

Scientists keep discovering more insight about the concept of energy field around human habitats and other forms of nature. They further examine different things that possess positive and negative effects on our energy fields. In a nutshell, Earthing is when there is contact with Earth’s surface electrons through barefoot walks or probably conducive systems that bring the energy from the ground to the body.
According to W.O Schumann who is a German physicist and professor at the University of Munich, the Earth has its own energy field or frequency which is found to be 10Hz. Furthermore, in 1954, Schumann joined his strength with Herbert Konig and discovered the exact frequency of Earth to be 7.83Hz which is now called Schumann Resonance. He also carried out discoveries to affirm that the Earth is a negatively charged sphere that is in a positively charged ionosphere and the tension between them creates a charge. Therefore, the Earth possesses limitless supply of free and mobile electrons. Its surface is electrically conducive and the global atmospheric electrical circuit maintains its negative potential.

The Purpose of Earthing

Earthing is a process whereby there is contact with Earth’s surface electrons through barefoot walks or conducive systems that brings the energy right from the ground to the body.

The testing

It is on record that Earth’s electrons can bring about numerous health benefits which might include reduction of inflammation, pain reduction, improvement of sleep, reduction of stress and many other health issues. In addition, it can also help to treat some health challenges such as muscle soreness, improving parasympathetic systems (these include blood flow, respiration, oxygenation and pulse rate).

During the studies, subjects been used were instructed to walk barefoot and some were connected to grounded conducive devices. After doing that, majority of subjects reported to have improvement in their parasympathetic responses within half an hour. Also, there are other studies that indicated beneficial effects in treating osteoporosis, glucose regulation and thyroid responses. According to K. Sokal and P. Sokal who are cardiologist and neurosurgeon of a medical staff in Poland after conducting a series of studies utilizing a copper conductor in contact with the Earth and found that this could affect physiological responses.

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