International Bursaries at University of Toronto in Canada 2021

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The UT Institute of Medical Science in Canada is providing International Bursaries at University of Toronto to foreign MSc and PhD candidates who enroll in the Institute of Medical Science in the 2021/22 academic session.

The Institute of Medical Science (IMS) provides a broad variety of stimulating, research- concentrated MSc and PhD programs in clinical sciences, basic sciences, and population health research. Under the supervision of one of their faculty members you will get expert training and exposure to Toronto’s finest leading-edge multidisciplinary research. Their graduates have been hired to influential positions as academics and health care specialists in universities, government and industry.

They also provide two Professional Master’s Degree Programs – the Masters of Health Science in Translational Research and the  MSc in Biomedical Communications.

With more than 600 faculty and 550 scholars, the IMS was creates to foster education and learning in the Clinical Departments of the Faculty of Medicine. They focus on translational research with a clear-cut emphasis on bench-to-bedside clinical applications. They are a graduate unit of choice for MDs who are seeking teaching as a clinician investigator.

Degree applicants have the chance to carry out research in one of four training areas:
(1) Bio-medical science;
(2) Clinical science;
(3) Health systems and services; and
(4) Population health

Each unit provides a range of multidisciplinary studies in areas like cardiovascular sciences, bioethics, neuroscience, respiratory medicine, membrane biology, transplantation and psychosomatic medicine. The MSc and PhD graduate degree programs are full-time, research focused, on-campus programs. They provide a broad range of courses—from Regenerative Medicine to Neuroanatomy and Cardiovascular Science. Candidates also have access to the extensiveness of University of Toronto graduate modules outside of the Institute.

The University of Toronto necessitates that all fresh and continuing doctoral stream candidates get a yearly student stipend.  A “stipend” refers to the funds a candidate obtains during the program funding obligation period.  Doctoral stream candidates include IMS MSc and PhD candidates.  It does not comprise IMS candidates finishing a professional degree program (MSc Biomedical Communications).

Worth of International Bursaries at University of Toronto

  • The minimum yearly stipend for fresh and continuing INTERNATIONAL candidate in the MSc program is $20,545.09 living stipend + tuition fees.
  • The minimum yearly allowance for fresh and continuing foreign students in the PhD program is $22,828.37 living stipend + tuition fees.

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Eligibility for International Bursaries at University of Toronto

  • You have to meet their minimum academic prerequisites to be given consideration for graduate studies in the IMS.
  • The original transcripts you tender are key to determining you academic enthusiasm for entry to the IMS.
  • An embellishment of the transcript (what the grades mean, difficulty of the subject, explanation for low grades) can be added in the referee’s letter or by the candidate during the interview.
  • Candidates are required to have taken level 3 and 4 subjects in their senior undergraduate years and are required to have taken most subjects in the general area of their planned graduate degree.
  • Academic readiness is also reflected in research skills and accomplishments, particularly for those whose studying ended over 5 years prior to application.

How to Apply for International Bursaries at University of Toronto

  • Application to the IMS graduate program is obtainable online through the School of Graduate Studies Admissions Application website.
  • Your application will be given consideration after the application fee is gotten by the School of Graduate Studies and the whole application is gotten by the department.
  • Incomplete applications will not be assessed.

Application Deadline for International Bursaries at University of Toronto

*The early consideration admission closing date for Fall enrolment is February 1. Prospective candidates applying to the February 1st application closing date have to submit a complete application by this date.

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