Do You Wake at the Same Time Every Night? This Might be the Reason

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Are you someone that usually wakes up at the same time every night? It is very possible to witness this scenario that deserves proper insight. It is because when you wake up at the same time every night without alarm clock or reminder to wake you up might really indicate something deserves urgent attention by you. You should consider knowing what is going on since all human beings possess that dwell around the body that they may not be aware of.

You might be able to wake up around 3-5am at midnight but in a situation whereby you constantly wake up around a particular time every night, it is observed that your body might be trying to pass a message to you. However, it has been on record most especially according to Traditional Chinese Medicine that energy meridians are vital for the practices of acupuncture and acupressure. It is studied that energy moves around a separate meridian of your body at a different times a day.

Therefore, the energy meridians in your body will connect to a clock system and according to ancient Chinese medicine; such is energizing different parts of the body at different times of the day. This typically shows that in a situation whereby you continue to wake up at the same time every night then you needs to pay attention and get to know what is happening to yourself.

The process is that meridians serve as channels that help the body send energy to different organs in the bid to promote healthy life and vitality. If the channels are blocked in one way or the other, energy won’t be able to pass through which will lead to stagnation or a buildup of energy. This act might distort your sleep and it will cause you to wake up at night. However, the situation is that when you wake up often at the same time, it clearly indicates a sign of weakness in the corresponding meridian or organ in the body.

The following are list of the organs associated with different clock times:

When you are unable to sleep between 9pm and 11pm

People usually consider their sleep time to be around 9pm to 11pm and when it happens that you are unable to sleep within this time then it is a clear indication that you are too stressed and worried during the day. It is even possible that your anxious thoughts become louder to you and hence make you feel threatened or not safe in some ways. Therefore, if you are really feeling trouble to sleep within this time you should consider positive mantras or meditate or probably engage in relaxation exercise to free you from stress to help you sleep.

Between 11pm to 1am

This time is meant for the energy meridian of the gall blander to be active and when you are being too judgmental with yourself or others, it is possible to experience a blockage in this meridian. Therefore, waking up around this time indicate that you have experienced emotional disappointment and in order to manage this condition, it is appropriate for you to consider practicing acceptance and forgiveness of others to enable get back to the sleep.

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