Moving to Canada from the United States: Best Tips for 2021

Recently, there has been an increase in total number of people immigrating to Canada from the United States. Canada has witnessed a huge number of immigrants from United states totaling 10,000. Although, this high number could be as a result of numerous opportunities in Canada which include  several benefits in health, educational opportunities, and job … Read more

Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI)

There are numerous things that Canadian Designated Learning Institutions can offer for foreign students who are willing to study within the country.  To begin with, Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are schools designed for foreign students and all primary and secondary schools within Canada are DLI. Meanwhile, not all post-secondary schools in Canada are DLIs, … Read more

Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada

The confirmation of permanent residence Canada is a paper document that is issued to immigrants on the approval of their Canadian permanent residency status. It is a necessary document duly signed by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) which reveals proof of your status while moving to Canada. In this article,  we will be discussing … Read more