Some Best Car Wash Franchises to Make Money with

Are you interested in the best car wash franchises you can make money with? Then this article is right for you. 
It explains much about car wash franchises, how they operate, how you can make money with them and some of the best ones you can consider. 
Importance of Car Wash Franchises 
Car wash industry is undoubtedly a lucrative business whether they are completely automated or they offer some sort of cleaning valet options. 
One may think that operating a car wash is a simple task. However, it is necessary to note that there may be employees involved, particular car washing tools, and other options that a car wash firm requires and can provide to their clients who bring their vehicles. 
Best Carwash Franchises You can Make Money With

Firstly, it is pertinent to note that if willing to start a carwash business, it isn’t “cut and dry” or “wash and dry”. There are numerous choices as to which the potential carwash franchise may want to operate. 
For instance, there are some carwash that are both waterless and use water, completely automated, or a combination of automation and manual labor, along with other variables. 
Some carwash franchises boast of being eco-conscious or then there are some that are traditional in their mode of operation. 
Consequently, based on your geographical location and the customer base of your product, the following franchises are listed as the top franchises and how you as a potential investor can make a potential stream of revenue to your business. 
The following list may be subject to interpretation, but it offers excellent carwash service when we talk about quality service, franchise education, associated fees, and corporate support. 

1. Mr Clean Carwash: This franchise is headquartered at Atlanta Georgia and founded in 1994.  It has over 500 franchises in several cities across America. 
Their style of providing full-service interiorly and exteriorly in treating cars well enable them to be a one-stop shop for car service needs. They also offer service whereby their customer can decide to change the engine oil with testing for emissions compliance. 
The franchise has great ambience for customers to wait while taking care of their vehicles. To enter into a Mr. Clean franchise, there is a need of $1 million in liquidity and the potential investor needs to have a net worth of $3,500,000. 
The initial investment is calculated to be $2,320,500 and the main franchise fee is $35,000. 

2. Tommy Express: According to Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Tommy Express Carwash is regarded as the number one in this particular category in the year 2021. 
They offer service which is pretty streamlined and depict the advantage of not stocking any perishable items, making optimal use of low labor costs, and offering a sterling response to their franchise owners.
This company has been in operation for 50 years and it has a total number of 79 franchises. 
The cost or fee of a franchise with Tommy’s Express Carwash is $50,000. In addition, the potential investor need to possess a net worth of $2 million .

3. Green Shine Waterless: Just as the name implies, this franchise put the environment into consideration and operates an ecologically friendly system for its customer’s vehicles. 
The company uses waterless system of carwash. The franchise also offers two options to an investment partner that is interested in the franchise opportunity. 
The two models include one being a specific location and the other utilizing mobility and travelling to the customers to wash their vehicles. 
You can imagine the convenience of a carwash whereby you park your car and go for shopping. While shopping, the mobile unit comes to your vehicle and give it thorough washing. 
The amazing thing about Green Shine is that they don’t use water and the secret of getting the car clean lies in their product that is being used and sprayed onto the vehicle to capture the dirt.
You need a total amount of $19,900 as the fee to purchase a franchise with Green Shine before you can be a franchise owner with them.  Also, the total costs or investment can range anywhere from $22,000 to $50,000. 

4. Oasis Carwash: This company doesn’t really offer carwash service but rather provides the needed equipments for the carwashing systems. 
It can also be classified as a carwash franchise because they serve carwash owners.
You don’t need any required franchise fee before you can be a franchise owners under Oasis Carwash System. However, the franchise is interested to see that the franchisee is successful. 
Therefore, they offer various resources to potential investors by analysing their market structure and coming up with several analyses of profits, rate of investment, and return.
Oasis Carwash system offers both automated and self-service systems to meet the demands of the potential carwash owners. 

5. Fleet Clean USA: Fleet Clean USA is a bit different from other carwash franchises because they focus mainly on businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles for their business success. 
Fleet Clean is also a mobile carwash business model which made it one of the best carwash franchises. 
To owner a franchise with Fleet Clean, the franchise fee ranges anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000. 

Carwash business is a fantastic way to earn money. We live in a world of mud puddles, dust in the air, and grime on the highways and the road that we travel. 
Therefore, the vehicles we drive get dirty along the line and owner of the vehicle takes great pride in maintaining that vehicle mechanically. 
We all love to maintain the physical appearance of our vehicles and this make carwash franchise come in. A cleaning opportunity awaits a potential investor and by not offering quality carwash services to their clients but by also cleaning up on anticipated revenue by owning a carwash franchise. 

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