How to Sell Avon and Earn Money as a Representative

This article offers amazing tips for selling Avons and making money from it. It also explain what you need to do and not do as an Avon representative in the market.
If you are considering a side hustle that you can start and make money today then you should think of selling Avon products. 
There are several rewards and benefits associated to being an Avon products agent. This article will explain how you can go about it. 

What is Avon?

Avon is a multinational cosmetics, beauty products, skincare, fragrance and personal care company. The base of the company is in London and it serve people across the world. 
According to reports, Avon had annual sales of $5.57bn in 2019.

What are Avon’s Product Lines?

The company sells numerous products which fall into different categories such as makeup, cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and many more. The details of the products are:


If you need the latest trend-led innovation in makeup, just check out Avon. These high quality products are sold at the best price to enable everyone to access it.
Examples of Avon makeup include Mark and Avon True.


You can get revolutionary skincare products from Avon. It can be gotten at affordable prices and they enhance the skin. Examples include ANEW and Clearkin.

Body care:

Avon produces fantastic body care products that can enhance clear skin. The bodt care products include  Avon Care, Encanto, Foodworks and so on.


This company offers different forms of fragrance. The products give you the freedom to express yourself daily ad get satisfied. 
The fragrance are high quality packaged with fascinating scents that are long lasting for men and women. Examples of their fragrance include Far Away, Today, Tomorrow,  Always, and Black Suede. 

Hair Care:

Avon produces advanced and fantastic hair care products that offer professional treatment and care for the hair.
What is Avon’s Business Model?
The business model for this company is direct selling. It has marketers who go door-to-door to sell its products to potential clients. In addition, Avon usues brochure as advert to their potential customers. 
Another business model of Avon is the use of sales representatives. They sell beauty products, sell jewellery, sell cosmetics, clothings, and accessories to Avon customers. 

Why Should You Sell Avon’s Products?

– You have the opportunity to build your own business: As an Avon representative, you can begin to plan your own business too. Being an Avon representative is a good way to make money by selling Avon products to customers. 
– You can access tools to manage your business: The company will provide you necessary tools to execute the business. 
You can access tools you can personalize. For example you can personalize your text, emails, and share links on your social media handle. 
– You get access to tips and tricks to network like a professional: As an Avon representative, you will acess tips and tricks that can help you network and sell your Avon products professionally. 
The company also provides training for the members and such training would allows you to make the most of your digital store and to promote your beauty business. 
– There are additional benefits: If you work as an Avon representative, you are going to take advantage of many interesting benefits. It includes cash payments or compensation, health insurance, tuition discount for higher education, and more.
– You will get special gifts from Avon: When you start selling Avon products to customer, you stand a chance to win a free full-size gift on your first order. In the subsequent order, you get a $10 credit. 
When your order reach $60 and above, you will be entitled to 135 lip balms. 
How to join Avon & start selling Avon’s products 
Become an Avon Representative: The first thing you need to do is to become an Avon representative. 
The following steps will guide you to become an Avon representative:- Visit the Avon website at
– If you have a reference code apply it. If not, continue with the next process.
– Go to where it says “The First Time in“, click on where it says “Set Up Your Account Now“.
– Enter your provided district number, account number in the Welcome Email from Avon & the last four of your social security number. Then click “Next”.
– Review & agree to Terms & Conditions.
– Complete the setup process.
– Complete the online contact form on the site. Once you are done with filling the form, you can then choose a Starter Kit.
Get an Avon Starter Kit
Once you join Avon, you  can now request any of its 3 starter kits. Each kit has all what you need to promote Avon’s products. 
A typical kit contains product samples, full-size products, brochures, business tools and everything you need to market your business. 
Meanwhile, the 3 starter kits come at different investment prices. This implies that how much you invest would determine the type of starter kit you will choose.
Promote and Sell Your Products 
Once you receive the starter kit, you can begin to use the content to market the products. 

The following suggestions are what should guide you on how to start the process.

1. Hand out the brochures in your kit and gather contact information from potential clients. 
2. Then you should integrate the products into your daily routine and take pictures and videos of the product in use. 
3. Create a Facebook live video showcasing the products from your kit.
4. Create Tik Tok and YouTube videos showing the products. 
5. Make use of other social media platforms to promote the products. 
Just as you have read in the article, it is not a difficult task to start making money from selling Avon’s products. Best of luck!

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