Ways to Immigrate to Canada from Nigeria in 2021

Are you a Nigerian willing to explore several opportunities in Canada this year? Don’t be panic as your dream can be realistic. This article will inform you about the basic requirements and process for Canada visa application. 
Most people often asked how possible it is to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria. Some people are wary of the skin color noting it as a barrier in gaining entrance to a foreign country. But it is not so, the story differs when it come to Canada. 
Among all the countries in the world, Canada is one of the few countries that do not allow immigrates into their countries based on skin color but of eligibility.

Regardless of your skin color, you will be allowed into Canada so far you are eligible and qualified. It is true that immigrating from one country to another is always a bit difficult, it is however possible to move into Canada when you meet the requirements of the Canadian Embassy. 
How Do Nigerians Live in Canada?

Do you also think about this question? Okay. It is classified into two aspects. 
1. Safety: Canada is one of the safe and peaceful countries in the world. As a resident of the country, the government see it as their responsibility to protect your life and property hence making your safety a top priority to them. Therefore, as a Nigeria who abides by the rules and laws of the country, you are safe in the country as long as you help yourself to stay out of trouble as well. 
2. Employment: As a Nigerian with a working permit, it is possible for you to work while living in Canada. All you need is possess what they company  you are working for need. This will determine how life will be for you there as a Nigerian. Generally, Nigerians who are in Canada with work permits and skills, are working and earning what they deserve and also paying their taxes just like every other person in the country. 
How to Move to Canada from Nigeria 
It is not a easy process to move to Canada from Nigeria but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can successfully migrate to Canada from Nigeria if you follow one of the below ways:
1.Canadian Employer2. Invitation to Apply (ITA)3. Study in Canada4. Provincial Nomination5. Special work permit programs
1. Canadian Employer: This process is one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada. As the name implies, you will need to get a working visa. To get to live and work in Canada as a Nigerian, you will need to get employed by a Canadian employer while you are still in your country. With this, you will be able to migrate faster than you could believe. For this process, you only need to possess the skills required in a Canadian organisation and get a work offee from them.
To achieve this, you just have to start searching for employment that requires the skills that you have and are ready to accept foreigners. Some provinces that you can easily see these opportunities are Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and many more. 

2. Invitation to Apply (ITA): This is another great way to move to Canada from Nigeria. However, it is mostly used by Nigerians who are skillful enough in their chosen career and ready to migrate to Canada. It is one of the best ways to get not just an opportunity to travel out but also offers an opportunity to obtain a permanent residency.
However, it is a great chance that doesn’t come easily but rather with dedication and a lot of hard work. You have to try to be among the best in what you do to be able to get this kind of chance.
How to get an Invitation to Apply: It is very possible to get although a bit difficult. You should meet up with some of these things:
 Express Entry System:  This system is a great way to access Canadian visa. 
– You need experience: Novice in skill can’t tap this opportunity. It is meant for people who know what they can offer and very ready to show the skills at anytime and anywhere. 
– Age: There is a minimum and a maximum age of people that are considered for this program so there is need for you to confirm from the Express Entry system if your age stands a chance of being eligible to apply.
– Education background: It is compulsory to have obtained an academic degree first before you can qualify for an ITA (Invitation to Apply).
Study in Canada: Student Work Permit is a permit that enable students to live in Canada after their studies for over a year plus while searching for a job. 
As a graduate student from one of the Canadian universities, finding a job under that one year is very possible so you do not have to worry about the duration, all you have to do is to try and locate the right province that you intend to work in that have related jobs to your skills.

Morealso, you shouldn’t worry incase you don’t possess the required skills yet as you will only need to enter a beginner stage. Your fellow colleagues such as your supervisors will train you in the field under a few months of joining the organisation. 
Therefore, studying in Canada is also one of the simple ways of getting a work permit in the country, with this, you can stay as long as you want.

Special Work Permit Programs 
Can you work in a countryside as a commercial worker such as farming? Then you can apply for a special work permit program. This program doesn’t guarantee a permanent residency but it is possible  for you to work things out over there if you get approved into the country with a special work permit.

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