How and Where to Get Grants for Single Mothers (Seven Verified Sites)

You will get to know how you can access grants for single mothers in this article. It will enable you to understand the real ways and sources single mothers can follow to receive the needed grants. 
It is a statement of fact that single motherhood ain’t an easy job but it shouldn’t translate to making it impossible to get a positive change or make efforts towards changing the narrative for a better one.
What is needed is the right channel to right type of resources so as to hold a belief that you can do it devoid of any weakness. 
Do you consider checking out the seven different ways to access grants as a single mother? Don’t bother yourself, just read further.
We are aware this might be what you have been thinking about, we just want to let you know how important these grants can be.
To increase the chance of being qualified, you should know the requirements, apply for it and be serious about it. It will be a great thing if you’re able to access more than the resources we listed in this article. It is our interest that you go through our list of grants and research further to enable you explore more and be successful about it. We all know that increased options equal a higher overall probability of getting the fund you might need badly. 
In this article, we will be focusing on the appropriate grants that you can be eligible for and understand that most of it are actual grants you would get in form of cash during disbursement. Others might be in form of assistance but they are very effective in terms of lightening a single mother’s burden as at when due.
Check out the following grants for your possible consideration:
1. Soroptimist International: Are you a single mother who is looking for ways to pay your tuition fee in the college to enable you remain in school or to pay for good care for your child? Do you wish to enrol for job training that will enhance better orientation on how best you can better the life of your child? Then you may qualify for Soroptimist International. 
The grants are available up to $15,000 and it has helped numerous women in the past and the application is easy. You will only need to understand there are several stages during the application and you have to go through it to enable you qualify for the program. 
Check it out here
2. Smart Grant from Federal Government: There is a federal government grant known as Penn Grant which another opportunity that can be explored by single mothers. Meanwhile, most women don’t know there is a different type of grant called the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) grant program. 
It is designed for single mothers who have a grade point average of at least 3.0. Those whose focus lies on Mathematics, science as well as  specific foreign languages should consider this option.
3. Artist Grant: Single mothers who are into visual arts can get some couple of dollars from this scheme. How would over $500 assist you out? 
The Artist grant afford you great opportunity to access money in order to complete your work, usually by means of freelancing. You can also get money to pay for materials and the cash can also be used for projects and many more. 
Check it out here
4. Amber Foundation: Are you a single mother who is into business and need cash to run some things? Worry no more as Amber foundation might be able to offer you grant money to be used to either stayed afloat or expand the business. Grants are available up to $27,000.
Amber foundation is well recognized for what they do as there are multiple sources who have confirmed the genuineness of the scheme. Among them is Business Money Today and USA Today.
Apply here
5. Community Action Programs: In some cases, it doesn’t mean you deserve a grant as a single mother, it is just that you need urgent fund to cater for some bills before things get out of control. It could be electricity bill before the light cut off.
There are several community action organizations in your area that can assist you with utility bills, getting a job form and other form of assistance. 
Read more about the program here:
6. Mortgage Assistance Grant: If you are a single mother who owns a home and at the verge of losing the building due to financial constraints, then it is expedient you look into the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). 
With this program, you can get help with mortgage in a way you never thought possible. When you are qualified, then you can have your mortgage rates reduced to not more than 31% of your income. 
7. American Dream Down Payment Initiative: As a single mum, do you consider having your first house anytime soon? If you are ready for that, then you will be aware how intimidating and stressful the process can be. One serious issue is the costs associated to getting the first home.
Meanwhile, American Dream Down Payment Initiative Grant can assist you in this regard. It helps single mothers as well as other people to pay either one or both of the main costs associated with getting a home for the first time.
This process would be down payment/closing cost. It is possible for you to use the cash in purchasing a house or condominium. 

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