Genuine Front Desk Jobs That Pay Very Well

Genuine Front Desk Jobs That Pay Very Well

Front desk jobs can pay very well when you have the tendency and skills. This article will tell you the necessary information you need to know about front desk jobs and how much they pay.

Let us firstly understand the concept of front desk jobs before we proceed. Front desk is situated around the waiting area or lobby or reception of any organization. Therefore, people that work at this point are usually referred to as front desk clerks or receptionist. However, they can still be called other title which depends on the type of organization they are working. These set of people are in charge of receiving visitors and attending to customers by applying essential basic communication skill and interpersonal relations.

Therefore, since we now understand the function and literal meaning of front desk jobs, it is now left to decide which type of front desk jobs you wish to work with. This article will reveal some of the front desk jobs you can do that will pay you very well and legit. Interestingly, most people can do this job as it only requires having at least minimal educational background and if possible short-term training. This shows that a lot of people can do most of these jobs and if you are part of those that are willing to work and get paid in a front desk job, you can do it and there are opportunities waiting for you to explore. Front desk jobs pay very well and sometimes you can earn up to $10 per hour which will still be done with ease.

Best Front Desk Jobs That Pay Very Well

  1. Receptionist: This is one of the most popular front desk jobs that people usually do. They operate in such a way that it is their duty to welcome customers, greet them, answer questions, listen to complaints, and direct customers to the appropriate unit or department for their requests. This means that receptionists are to welcome visitors or customers to the organization and also receive phone calls. They can also perform cashier work, receive mails, send messages, register guests and also provide general information about the organization for clients and public use. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, receptionists that work at health care facilities and other social assistance receive up to $15 or even more per hour.

  2. Bank Teller: These people work for financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. They duties include helping customers manage their financial transactions and they also greet and welcome customers to their organization by helping them with deposits, withdrawals, transfers, money orders and other tasks. It is also on them to enable ATMs are well managed, count cash, file deposit slips and so on. Their national average pay is around $13 per hour.

  3. Customer Service Representative: This is another well-known front desk job that a lot of people are doing and getting paid. As a customer service representative, you only need to interacts with customers and provide information about products or services your organization possess to clients or visitors. However, most duties of this job is usually determine by the employer or industry which might include: listening to customers’ questions and complaints, accept orders from customers and process bills for payments, record customers’ contacts and actions that were taken and so on. In most cases, a customer service representative need to be at office to receive and attend to customers whilst receive calls. Their pay is up to $15 per hour.

  4. Front Desk Manager: As the name implies, a front desk manager is expected to train and direct other front desk staff of any organization. It is their task to ensure that lobby of the organization is always clean and secure with nice ambience. Also, they need to take over from complaints and questions that is about to escalate from customers. They can also assist in picking calls and retrieving reservations.

  5. Office Clerks: You will find these people at any office and their space is usually located in the front office. They work at both public and private organizations by operating different forms of clerical activities. They are expected to pick calls, receive mails, typing and filling documents. Their official duties include: data entry on any information they receive, prepare, copy and file documents manually and electronically, schedule appointments and receive customers to their organization and so on. Most time, everyone can do this job as it only requires education qualification such as diploma. Their pay is around $15 per hour.

  6. Concierge: These people are usually seen at hotel and resort places whereby their duty is to work at a front desk and perform different activities such as receiving guests to the organization, confirm reservations, show guests around the facilities available at their organization and make sure they get anything requested by them to be comfortable. Concierges also need to give answers to clients’ questions and even offer them dining and entertaining suggestions and options, plan and arrange some activities for them including transportation and restaurants reservations.

  7. Administrative Assistants & Secretaries: Most organizations and firms usually have front desk employees that work as administrative assistant or secretaries. They perform different duties which include receiving of mails and clients. Part of their functions include: handling incoming and outgoing calls and emails, schedule appointments with clients, prepare invoice to clients, respond to customers enquires and requests. You can easily find this nature job at most industries or organizations and it is necessary to undergo short-term training for few weeks if employed to work as a secretary or administrative assistant. They earn up to $18 per hour.

  8. Flight Attendant: Flight Attendants are people that are employed by both commercial and private airline with the task of making sure customers are well attended to. They usually make sure they are able to greet passengers, interact with them, and help them get their seats, assist them by serving food and beverages throughout the flight and ensure safety compliance with the use of safety equipment demonstrations. Also, flight attendants usually help to test emergency equipment and clean up the cabin between flights.

Important Skills Required in Front Desk Jobs

In order to effectively carry out your duties and functions as a front desk employee, it is important you possess the following skills:

  • Communication Skill
  • Problem Solving Skill
  • Customer Friendly
  • Computer Literacy
  • Sales Skill
  • Organization

Note: Indeed there are genuine front desk jobs that will get you pay very well and in fact it can be done by most people. You only need to check out the one that is more apt to you and start earning money from it.


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